School of Biological Sciences

1st Hackathon

11 May 2020 – 15 May 2020

About SBS 1st Hackathon

This hackathon is different from another hackathon that design for computer programmers that involved in software development but SBS 1st Hackathon is designed for biologists to come out with programming related solution that can solve biologist related problems. We assume that students only have very basic programming knowledge and so don't worry so much about coding, etc. and so, join us.

Join us Now!

What do you need to create at the end of the hackathon?
You are required to find a problem in the following topics: Bio-education, Bio-Data and Smart Biologist & Lazy Biologist. During the presentation day, you are required to present your prototype to the judges. Don't need to be complicated.
Check out the full details belows.

11 May 2020

0900-0930: Start of Registration
0930-1230: Bio-education workshop by Dr Wilson Goh.
What language tells you about learning?
Natural language processing has the potential to inform on learning performance, providing an unbiased augmentation device for the teacher. But generating high-information feature sets from unstructured text can be very challenging. This in turn, creates problems for classification and regression tasks in machine learning. Two examples based on actual courses run in NTU are shown: the first is on sentiment, a proxy correlated with motivation. The second is on automated grading of short answer questions.
1230 - 1330: Lunch Break
1330 - 1630: Bio-data science workshop Asst Prof Jarkko Salojarvi.
Data Science and Biology
The amount of available biological data has exploded during the last decades. In this workshop, you will find out about different available repositories and how to access them for downloading large data sets. Then we will go through the most common data analysis tools. In the final part I will provide some examples on how to extract biological knowledge from big data.

12 May 2020

0900-0930: Start of Registration
0930-1230: Raspberry Pi and Internet of things (iot) workshop by Asst Prof Marek Mutwil.
Title (More details will be out soon)
1230 - 1330: Lunch Break
1330 - 1400: Briefing on topics, grading grading criteria, team forming for those without a team and OTO discussion.

13 May 2020 & 14 May 2020

0930 onwards: Room will be open for team discussion and BioHackathon commmitee will be there to answer you question if you need help.
Snacks and food will be provided for you all!.

15 May 2020

0930: Start of presentation (20 Mins per team) - order of presentation and timing will tell you all on the 13 May 202.
1230: Prize presentation
If any of your team members, will not be around to present. It's okay. Please ensure that all of your team members are fine with it.


Your work will be published to our website. In order to do so, you have to write the paper and send it to us by 30 May 2020. You work will be showcase on our website by 30 June 2020.

Rewards and Benefits


Your hard work will be published on our website so you can should it to the world. Moreover, this can make your resume more recognize!


Certificate with Credential ID and Credential URL will be given out signed by Dr Wilson Goh. Students who attended at least 2 workshops and hackathon will be given professional certifcation too.


Details and rewards will be updated soon.


Dealing with the tracking of bio-information, analysing and implementation of bio-data, analysing trends and data of certain diseases efficiently and smartly and reducing the storage of bio-data such as genetic information.

Smart Biologist & Lazy Biologist:
Dealing with time-consuming calculation, reducing calculation time when designing experiments and testing theory using computational methods before carrying out an experiment.

Tools that are useful for students to understand the lesson better, a smarter and better way for the student to study and visualize concepts, and Educational tools for the teaching community.


Experts that are able to help you so feel free to ask them questions.

Asst Prof Marek Mutwil

Dr. Marek Mutwil and his research group combine computational and experimental biology to obtain a genome-wide understanding of gene function in plants.

Asst Prof Jarkko Salojarvi

His research group studies population genomics and systems biology in tree species using statistical modeling and combining different -omics data sources.

Dr Wilson Goh

Principal investigator of Bio-Data Science and Education Laboratory and his research group comprised of biodata scientists, computational biologists and education technologists

Dr Ho Shen Yong

Associate Dean (Academic), College of Science. Current projects such as Study on Ways to Enhance Teaching and Learning in NTU and YouVote!: Enhancing Real-Time Response Activities To PromoteGenerative Learning.

Assoc Prof Lu Lanyuan

His current interests are Developing computational methods for multiscale modeling of biomolecular systems. Coarse-grained simulations of biomembranes, peptides, and proteins.

Ho Sung Yange

Research Assistant and Data Scientist at Bio-Data Science and Education Laboratory


Am I required to know python?
No, you can use any other basic programming languages as at the end of the hackathon you are required to create a simple prototype.

Can I sign up as an individual?
Yes. But we will form a team for you all

Will every team member have to submit the registration form once?
Yes. Please state your team name.

I have no/little knowledge about coding. Can I still participate?
Yes. You do not need to know any coding but it will be a plus if you know it as you have to come out with a simple prototype.

Is it necessary for the whole team to stay throughout the competition?
No. Workshops are compulsory for everyone. If you are unable to make it due to FYP presentation and etc. Please inform us. Moreover, if you are unable to make it for the presentation day, ensure that your teammates are okay with it.

What do I have to bring to the competition?
Please bring along your own set of laptop, charger and adaptor as no equipment will be provided.

Where is the competition held?
NTU SBS or arc. The actual location will be update to you via email.